Ski gloves or mittens – Here’s how to decide

Ski gloves or mittens – Here’s how to decide

Wednesday, October 16, 2019 8:58:08 PM Asia/Singapore

We’ll let you in on a little skier and snowboarder’s secret: the fastest way to ruin your day on the slopes is with a bad pair of gloves.

You might be tempted to opt for a cheap pair of gloves, especially when you’re spending so much on the rest of your ski holiday. Unfortunately, cheaper the glove, the worse the waterproofing and fabric will be. This means your hands will get wet and cold in no time, whether you’re venturing out for a huge day of skiing or just building a snowman with the kids – leaving you in the lodge, trying to warm up freezing fingers over a hot cup of coffee. 

A good quality pair of ski gloves may cost more money, but it’ll also save you time and energy in the long run, along with providing endless warmth and comfort for your precious digits. But how to choose the right pair for you? And what about choosing between gloves and mittens? 

We have all the answers for you below, so read on…  

What to look for

These days, there’s a glove or a mitten out there to suit just about everybody – from babies to those with XL-sized hands. 

Look out for quality materials such as a strongly constructed shell, some kind of insulation (this could be down, Primaloft or Thinsulate), Velcro cuffs, wrist straps and of course waterproofing. You’ll find leather shells and Gore-Tex waterproofing to be common elements with gloves at the higher end of the price scale – this is because leather gloves tend to be more durable than synthetic fabrics, and if looked after, can last many seasons.  

The key thing to remember is that really warm gloves won’t necessarily keep your hands warmer. If outside temperatures are mild and your hands are naturally warmer, they may get clammy and sweaty inside the glove, making the glove wet. This is why it’s essential to also choose a glove with some element of breathability, allowing the sweat to escape. 

Glove liners

Some gloves may also come with an extra pair of liners, which fit inside your regular glove and help with really cold days on the mountain. You can also invest in a set of liners and stash them in a jacket pocket just in case your hands get colder in the afternoons after a long day on the slopes.  

A good-fitting pair of gloves or mittens will make all the difference in keeping you warm and offering dexterity, so make sure to get a snug fit while still allowing some room to move or fit a liner in the glove. The team at For Outdoors will be able to help with choosing the perfect fit for every member of the family.  

Gloves or mitts: The age-old debate

It’s hard to meet a regular snowgoer that doesn’t have a passionate opinion about gloves vs. mittens. 

Ultimately it comes down to personal preference. Gloves offer more dexterity, which can help with doing up snowboard bindings or holding poles; however, mittens tend to be warmer, as your fingers are all together and generate more heat as a result. 

While mittens weren’t always considered to be the ‘cool’ items to be wearing on the slopes, that’s rapidly changed, with athletes regularly opting for mittens over gloves; such as Olympian snowboarder Scotty James, with his bright red mittens, inspired by boxing gloves. 

Brands such as Salmon Arms are now stocked by For Outdoors and offer a huge range of designs to increase your slope street cred – the perfect example of snow fashion meeting function. 

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