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Summer’s over: How to gear up for winter? Should I buy or rent?

Summer’s over: How to gear up for winter? Should I buy or rent?

Tuesday, August 13, 2019 8:47:43 PM Asia/Singapore

As summer comes to an end, we’re putting away our paddle-boards and mountain bikes and turning our attention to our other favourite season – WINTER!

With the ski and snowboard season due to kick off in Japan in just a few short months, here’s your guide to gearing up for any winter holidays you might have coming up...  

Make a list

Now’s the time to get organized, unpack any ski or snowboard gear you might have stashed away from previous trips and take inventory of it all. 

Is it still in good condition, or could you do with an upgrade? Double-check for any rust or mold that might’ve appeared while in storage. Do your boots, jackets and pants still fit, or do you need to invest in something bigger or smaller? 

From there, check all your bits and pieces off against our basic ski and snowboarding trip list below, and see what you might still need to source for both you and other family members…

  • Skis/snowboard

  • Ski or snowboard boots

  • Ski or snowboard bindings

  • Ski poles

  • Ski or snowboard bag 

  • Waterproof ski or snowboard jacket

  • Waterproof ski or snowboard pants 

  • Thermal layers – both top and bottom 

  • Mid layers

  • Ski socks

  • Helmet 

  • Beanie 

  • Neck warmer

  • Gloves/mittens 

  • Goggles 

  • Après boots

  • Go pro/camera

You may be able to borrow some items from family or friends who also happen to be snow lovers. Otherwise, it comes down to renting or purchasing anything that’s left on the list. 

Personal items such as gloves, goggles, helmets and beanies always need to be purchased – luckily there’s a wide variety of each at For Outdoors, with an option to suit every price point. 

As for skis, snowboards and outerwear, you can either rent or buy these, depending on your budget and your style of skiing and snowboarding. 

Owning vs. renting

For those who take a ski holiday every year, it’s worth spending the extra money on your very own set-up. The For Outdoors team can ensure that you’re kitted out in gear that is well-suited to you, and you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be handling the same equipment each time you head back to the snow. This is especially important for boots – a poorly fitted ski or snowboard boot can easily ruin a day on the slopes, and having your own boots goes a long way when ensuring comfort and warmth.  

It’s worth mentioning that if you buy high-quality items, they’ll easily last at least five seasons or more, so you’ll also save significant amounts on renting year after year. 

For those who are just starting out in skiing and snowboarding, or if you only book a snow holiday once in a blue moon, renting your equipment may be better suited to you: you’ll still get fitted out by a professional, and get to learn more about what works best for you. Once you’re comfortable with what kind of equipment you like – ski or snowboard? A shorter or longer board? Carving skis or powder skis - you can then look into purchasing the perfect set-up for you.  

Geared up by For Outdoors (“FOD”)

Want to purchase some new equipment and outerwear in Singapore? Visit www.foroutdoors.com.sg or pop by FOD’s showroom in Bukit Timah. If you can’t stand the thought of packing all your gear and bringing them along on your next skiing or snowboarding holiday, take advantage of FOD’s Direct to Resort service – simply be fitted by a FOD specialist, and your gear will be delivered to any ski resort in Japan for you, ready for your holiday to commence. 

What about bringing your gear back? Don’t worry!!! EEzz Valet, FOD’s valued partner, can store your gear in Niseko. If you are not going to Niseko the next season, they can arrange for your gear to be delivered to another ski resort in Japan. Visit them at www.eezzvalet.com to find out more and use promo code “FOROUTDOORS2019” to receive USD$10 off your annual membership fees.  

With concierge services also available for your trip in Niseko, why not book in for that with FOD as well to help save your precious time?